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Cisco Data Center: UCS Basics

TIP: Be sure to use the HUU (Host Upgrade Utility) when adding the Blade to the UCS architecture, to make sure you have the latest drivers and the Firmware.
UCS (Unified Computing System) is a BladeCenter chassis that integrates compute, networking and Storage (FCoE) at backplane level whilst adding management capabilities through UCSM (USC Manager). UCSM seats on top of the blade chassis and are responsible for the overall management of the UCS stack.
UCS Upgrade SequenceDownload –> Update –> Activate. Start the upgrade from the UCS Manager, and then the Subordinate FI and later the Primary FI and the other components. The other way is the Host Firmware Package, which Updates using the Service Profiles.
VN Link is a Cisco invention to connect the VM directly to the Physical port without it being handled by VDS/1000v. One physical port can actually be logically separated into various vEthernet ports, where each one connects with exactly one vNIC on the Blade. This is especially c…