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Cisco ACI Guide for Humans, Part 1: Physical Connectivity

First of all, I need to explain why I decided to write such a post. It's quite simple to everyone who ever tried to Deploy/Configure/Understand how Cisco ACI works using the official Cisco Documentation. Cisco ACI is a very powerful architecture, and once you learn it - you start loving it. My assumption is that for some reason, Cisco seems to have hired the App Development experts to develop the ACI GUI and the ACI design and configuration guides, and the final product turned out to be hard to digest to both, DevOps and Networking professionals. That is why I feel there is a need to explain the concepts in a way more easy to understand for us, humans.

TIP: APIC maintains an audit log for all configuration changes to the system. This means that all the changes can be easily reverted.
Before the ACI installation starts, we need to connect every ACI controller (APIC) to 2 Leafs. There should be 3 or 5 APICs, for high availability, and a standard procedure, once the cabling is done, s…