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What is NFVi or Cisco NFV Infrastructure, and where exactly does it "fit"?


First let's establish the difference between the NFV and the VNF:
VNF (Virtualized Network Function) refers to the implementation of a network function using software that is decoupled from the underlying hardware. It simply moves network functions out of dedicated hardware devices and into software. Cisco currently has around 90 VNFs ready to be implemented, mostly for the SP environment.NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) represents a concept, and it's based on running SDN functions, independent of any specific hardware platform.
This all simply means that we need the network functions virtualization (NFV) architecture to support the deterministic placement of virtualized network functions (VNFs).

Network Functions Virtualization is "the new black" in the Networking Security, and all of us Network Bloggers have been talking about it extensively within the past few years. What it basically means is that we are finding a way to virtualize one of …